Addressing Chart Loading Issues and Debugging Custom Code in Web Application

During this State Changers meeting, the participants discussed a problem related to chart displays in a program. The main keywords focused on were JavaScript, handling variables, error messages, and function execution. The issue concerned the display of a donut chart, which didn't load correctly at times.

The group examined the relevant JavaScript code to understand better what was going wrong. They made use of console.log to debug the situation, creating various conditions in an if statement to log specific outcomes based on the data present. They discovered the "days present" variable was returning a value of negative nine nine nine, which indicated the presence of an error. To attempt to rectify this, they used the setTimeOut function to let the program have another try after one second if the days present equaled negative nine nine nine. However, this put the page at risk of entering an infinite loop. The group decided to investigate more on why the function was returning negative nine nine nine, with plans to gather more information for a subsequent meeting. The participants suggested the use of a tool that could provide a screenshot of what was being seen in the development tools for further assistance. In closing, they agreed to continue examining the issue at a later time.

(Source: Office Hours 8/23/2023 )

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