Addressing Coding Challenges and JSON Encoding in Xano

The meeting conducted by the State Changers focused on discussing an error encountered during the implementation of a code and finding the appropriate solution for it. The participant named Anand, shared his screen and went through his process, mentioning a specific issue with encoded data which returned incorrect values. It was observed that the data was expected to be a string with JSON encoding, but an incorrect handling caused the issue.

The expert in the meeting suggested that the data doesn't need to be directly exploded and proposed creating a new variable for the said data. Furthermore, he advised twice encoding the object using JSON, indicating that one of the string payloads needs to be a JSON-encoded string. JSON was explained as a serialization method used for transmitting data over the wire. Although the data appeared as an array, it was clarified that it's still counted as an object as JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, which can cover a plethora of distinct data types including strings, numbers, Booleans, etc. After implementing the suggested changes, Anand confirmed that the encoded data now returned correct values. This meeting would be valuable for developers and coders experiencing challenges with JSON encoding in various coding languages including JavaScript. Tools mentioned in this meeting include Xano and JSON.

(Source: Office Hours 8/15 )

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