Addressing Complexities in Implementing Cash Flow Sweep in Financial Models using Xano

The State Changers met to discuss how to incorporate a "cash flow sweep" into a financial projection function in their application. They're faced with two challenges:

1. Structuring the function: They contemplated breaking it into smaller functions but were unsure of whether it's feasible. They have to remember the current state of finances in their function, modify it each time, and feed it into the next function or loop. 2. Debugging: They're dealing with large debug stacks which are difficult to manage due to memory limitations. They decided to replace in-memory debugging with database logging and suggested having an event log to track each stage. The State Changers also highlighted the need to review the data inputs to the function each time it is run. They decided to set up an event log that will hold detailed information about the data inputs to each section of their function during each run. They discussed creating the event log with three fields - Source, Message, and Data - which would respectively detail the function calling the log, the status, and the JSON data inputs. Furthermore, they identified a need to loop through their financial data with a consideration of a cash flow sweep. This required shifting their focus from schedules to periods, acknowledging the current state as an input to each function. They ended the meeting with a plan to further troubleshoot and iterate the process in the subsequent meetings. Keywords: Xano, cash flow sweep, financial function, debugging, event log.

(Source: Office Hours 8/9/2023 )

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