Addressing Complexity and Improvement Opportunities in Monthly Financial Simulation

This State Changers meeting primarily focused on a discussion regarding a simulator built by one of the participants, Cameron. Specifically, Cameron has integrated an incremental methodology into the simulator to display account accruals on a monthly basis. He faced challenges in aligning different points of monthly payments with varying dates. The discussion delved into the complexities of such a system, including the possibility of its extensiveness to a daily basis. The bottleneck is that invoking functions in the Xano environment is slow due to the time it takes to traverse between the Xano and JavaScript environments. A recommendation was given to try and decrease the number of times this interchange occurs or perhaps recast the entire calculation process outside of Xano, if possible, to enhance speed and efficiency. Key terms and platforms mentioned include Xano and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 8/30/2023 )

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