Addressing Connectivity and Performance Issues in Zano Backend for Ugandan Users

In this meeting, the State Changer discussed an issue with the backend software, Xano. One of the State Changers expressed that Xano was running slow for their customers in Uganda. Due to this, they had to scale their instance, leading to an inability to edit APIs, as they faced a "connection lost" issue. After some inspection, it was deduced that the problem was likely due to the geographical region of the Xano instance, which was currently based in the United States, leading to latency issues for users based in Uganda.

It was explained that Xano, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, could benefit from being moved closer geographically to the primary user base. It was suggested that the State Changer should contact Xano support and request moving the instance closer to Uganda, potentially to a data center on the African continent to reduce lag and enhance connection reliability. The issue was compared to a similar problem faced by users of Bubble, particularly international customers trying to use a US centralized service, demonstrating the importance of selecting a regionally appropriate appliance for such services. The conclusion was that it would be beneficial and more efficient to have an appliance that eliminates as much communication issues as possible, ideally by being located geographically close to the primary user base.

(Source: Office Hours 8/22/2023 )

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