Addressing Data Corruption and Text Formatting Issues in Zano and FlutterFlow

The State Changers discussed an issue around a terminal error being received stating "String not well formed Utf-16." One participant suggested this error may be due to data corruption and was related to the backend, specifically when manipulating text with emojis. They advised the use of data cleaning either when sending or receiving text from the backend to fix this. Filters were suggested to assist in this process, with further discussion focusing on how the issue materializes when someone is posting or editing a piece of content. The use of 'left join' and 'inner join' were also discussed, specifically focusing on their impact on the speed of a query. The State Changers concluded that using 'inner join' could be more effective once the app scales, but for the meantime, using 'left join' would suffice in ensuring functionality without focusing too much on performance. They also advised keeping a record of problematic data for testing to fix corner cases and ensuring they don't recur. Keywords in this meeting include 'UTF sixteen' , 'data corruption', 'back end', 'post request', 'front end', 'Zano', 'inner join', 'left join', and 'database'.

(Source: Office Hours 12/20 pm )

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