Addressing Data Duplication in Sports Records with Xano: Focusing on Team Sports vs Individual Sports

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a complex data challenge they were trying to solve using Xano. One State Changer presented how their function worked: it pulled data for a given sport and season, checked if competitors existed, and removed duplication by focusing on the latest season. The function could then run an API, the "competitor's URL call", getting an array of competitors for comparison.

The problem occurred when they attempted to adjust their function for sports like tennis. Tennis was treated differently as competitors were also the players (the team). While running the function, they encountered an error due to a bad response from the API call. The meeting ended with the presenter attempting to fix their over call limit, which could potentially be causing the error. The meeting involved terms such as Xano, API, and debug, showing a focus on problem-solving in a development environment. The complex function layout and discussion would be useful for other developers handling similar data challenges.

(Source: Office Hours 8/15 )

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