Addressing Data Synchronization and Caching Issues in WeWeb and Xano Application

The State Changers had a meeting to address a recurrent issue encountered when using WeWeb. The issue involved the non-consistent capture of certain data fields, specifically when switching between fields. Despite the data being tied to the right place, it was not always grabbing all the correct data when cycling around different fields.

The suspected cause was an issue of caching in which the system was not always retrieving new information from the back end, leading to a situation where the data was getting out of sync. They explored the option of altering the 'fetch' command to a 'post' which would guarantee each fetch is a new one, preventing the use of cached data. To debug this, they used developer tools and a logging filter to monitor the data fetch process from Xano. After a series of tests, it seemed the system was loading data on demand without a caching problem. The issue, however, had been experienced before and would still be observed. The potential solutions suggested were changing 'fetch' to 'post', and adding a time delay. However, these were not implemented during the meeting, with plans being made instead to keep observing the issue.

(Source: Office Hours 12/19 )

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