Addressing Data Transmission and Response Issues in Webhook Requests

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed on the issues related to sending a request using a platform called "Make". Evan was trying to send multiple variables into the payload but was struggling with transferring the data via a webhook due to missing data upon reception. A solution was provided by discussing the use of parameters (params) on the right-hand side of the platform. Evan was advised not to change the initial blank object but instead use the set function to add items with a key-value pair. It was clarified that the path should be the key. Once this process is repeated with all variables and updated, the data should then be visible in the payload when the function runs. Evan also mentioned that he will follow up with another question on how to get a response back. Notably, the keywords mentioned in this meeting were "Make" and a brief mention of an "external API request".

(Source: Office Hours 8/9/2023 )

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