Addressing Date Validation Issues and Developing a Date Validator Function in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue about date validation in a project. The problem was about handling non-American date formats in an input field. The initial solution using regex was not working effectively in Xano due to limited support.

Instead, the team devised a new solution to validate the European dates. They decided to create a separate date validation function. This function would first identify whether the date includes dashes or slashes, split the date based on this format, and then validate each day, month, and year individually. This approach offers a more understandable and debug-friendly solution compared to using regex for validation. The function would first authenticate the date and then produce a timestamp if the date is found to be valid. The meeting concluded with the attendees contemplating discussing further points related to a previous conversation on a separate topic. The project or platform they're working on seems to include tools or languages like regex, PHP, Xano and timestamps, but does not directly mention other keywords like 'WeWeb', 'FlutterFlow', 'Zapier', 'Make', 'Integromat', 'Outseta', 'Retool', 'Bubble', 'Adalo', 'AppGyver', 'AppSheet', 'Comnoco', 'Fastgen', 'Firebase', 'Google', 'OAuth', 'Stripe', 'Twilio', 'Airtable', 'DraftBit', 'Javascript', 'Typescript', 'React', 'Vue.js', 'JSX', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'lambda', 'serverless', 'State Change', 'ScriptTag', 'OpenAI', or 'AI21'.

(Source: Office Hours 1/3 )

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