Addressing Deployment Issues with Flutterflow to the App Store

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed challenges related to the deployment of a mobile app on the Apple App Store using FlutterFlow. One person encountered some issues deploying the app through their old developer account and was considering whether they should open a new account with Apple. The problem seems to be deep-rooted due to the complexities relating to app approval processes, certificates, and potential differences between deploying mobile apps and web apps. They also noted that deploying an app on the App store could be more work than web app.

There was mention of a potential error with FlutterFlow's deploy to App Store feature, and there was some debate about whether the issue lied with FlutterFlow or with the user's account or Apple. Everyone agreed that they would review the error messages asynchronously and reconvene at office hours to discuss a solution. Keywords mentioned in this meeting include: "FlutterFlow", "Xano", "App Store", and "Apple".

(Source: Office Hours 4/19 )

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