Addressing Divide-by-Zero Problem in Xano's Database Management

The State Changers meeting discussed handling zero values while performing division operations in the context of Xano. A common issue they addressed was the application crashing due to dividing by zero, which return an indefinite or infinity value and causes disruptions in the system. The proposed solution was to pre-process the data and filter out zero values before starting the calculations. They also talked about using variables and conditional statements "If" to avoid a divide by zero error, by checking that the denominator won't be zero. The process involved creating a variable, setting it to zero, creating an "if condition" to verify if the denominator is greater than zero, and then update the value of the variable. The variable is then used in the database record edit operation, effectively reducing crashes. The session was interactive, with screen sharing, step by step guiding, and direct problem-solving. The members found the session helpful in understanding how to handle such scenarios in pro-coding. The conversation ended with a transition to discuss the FlutterFlow platform.

(Source: Office Hours 3/1 )

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