Addressing Duplicate Issues in WeWeb API Variables and Action Events

The meeting among the State Changers revolved around addressing a programming issue one participant was experiencing. The State Changer faced a problem of duplication of values when trying to create arrays from selected indices, when working with Wiz, a programming tool. The participant shared the process they were taking: adding a click action and setting a variable, then having issues with duplication when trying to build on this action by setting the selected array variable they created.

When attempting to troubleshoot, they found that manipulation of the code still led to undesirable outcomes such as irrelevant values or a multitude of null values. Given the complex nature of the issue, they discussed solutions that involved modifying the JavaScript to remove duplicates and ensure unique values in the data. The team provided resources, including articles on identifying duplicate values in an array using JavaScript, and decided to continue troubleshooting in the following meeting. While the tools discussed directly in the meeting were Wiz and JavaScript, the general topic of programming arrays and dealing with potential issues is relevant to anyone using programming languages or platforms such as Xano, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Make, Integromat, Retool, Adalo and others.

(Source: Office Hours 1/23 )

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