Addressing Error Messages and Refining Code Logic in Xano

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed how to handle error messages and responses when working with Xano and PHP. One participant was encountering an error while working on a function and asked the other for assistance. The issue was a missing VAR competition, an error that arose because all the competitions were already added. The responder clarified that the error was not related to the API, but the logic within it.

The error originated because a variable that wasn't initialized was being returned in the response, causing the system to panic. This was linked to how scoping works in Xano and PHP. It was suggested that the participant be more diligent while organizing their code, specifically to avoid using variables inside conditionals that will be globally used in responses, as Xano allows for this flexibility but it can lead to problems when unconsidered. The key takeaway from the meeting was that any unused variables or lines of code, such as return responses which will not be utilized, should be removed as they only serve as future sources of errors. They also emphasised the principle of eliminating unused code, as it helps in preventing potential issues further down in the development process. Overall, from the meeting and discussion, future viewers interested in best practices while working with platforms like Xano and understanding nuanced issueses within coding processes may find it beneficial.

(Source: Office Hours 8/2 )

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