Addressing File Upload Issues and Enhancing Code Execution in JavaScript

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed resolving issues related to file uploading in a JavaScript environment. They conducted a step-by-step debugging of the process, identifying issues relating to endpoint authentication, targeting the correct input, and returning the proper response from axios requests. The solution involved creating a form data in JavaScript, selecting the correct file for upload, and sending the file to an endpoint via the axios JavaScript library.

Key points discussed include: - Proper use of 'var', 'const' and 'window' for declaring and accessing variables. - Employing JavaScript console logs to monitor variable states and track issues. - Investigating HTTP responses using Chrome's network tab in developer tools. - Understanding axios behaviour, especially how to correctly retrieve response data. - How to assign the attained response data to a custom workflow in the State Changer's software. Throughout the conversation, they discussed technologies and platforms such as JavaScript, CORS(Access-Control-Allow-Origin), Xano, axios, and browser developer tools. The meeting assures an individual facing similar issues with file uploads in a JavaScript environment, a detailed guide to debugging and solution. One can gain valuable insights from the detailed step-by-step debugging process undertaken during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 8/8/23 )

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