Addressing Flutter and Intel Internationalization Issues: A Technical Troubleshooting Discussion

During this State Changers meeting, the participants went over the issues they encountered while developing an application on Flutter. The main problem discussed was how different versions of Flutter required specific versions of other software such as Intel and Firebase for the application to work. This resulted in a cascading series of issues, often referred to as a rabbit hole of fixing dependencies between different versions of software, which they decided to approach in the next meeting. They agreed that handling packaging considerations is one of the values of lower-level tech, especially relating to mobile tech, as it allows for better support and faster problem resolution. A solution suggested was to update the file "pubspec.yaml" to require the newer version of a specific software, in this case, Intel. However, they decided not to continue down this path of immediate problem-solving but to gather more documentation, stand back, and look at the situation more holistically during the next session. One of the insights from the discussion is that while no-code tools can simplify the development process, when something breaks within their environment it does't negate the necessity for technical knowledge. They recognized the need to understand and balance the complexities of cross-dependencies and versions in software development.

(Source: Office Hours 6/2 )

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