Addressing FlutterFlow Bug and Exploring Solutions for Custom List Reordering

The State Changers in this meeting were discussing a technical issue revolving around a bug in FlutterFlow. The bug concerns a difficulty with the map string and conditional visibility. They are aiming to populate a list, but are experiencing challenges due to the necessity of declaring a data type for type-specific mapping. This issue escalates when attempting to interact with a specific type of object, like trying to perform a custom action such as reordering the list items.

The State Changers discuss a challenging aspect of the codified custom action related to feeding a list into the app state and then resetting that data in the correct order. Discussants identify issues with the custom code when working with maps. The team's approach is to directly work with the code and suggest modifications to properly align with their functional requirements. They are focussed on making changes in the code linked to the list of custom shapes and modifying the logic of the algorithm that reorders items. They propose to use clip structs instead of strings to avoid type conflicts and errors. Further, they trouble-shoot parameters in the code editor to match with those in the settings. Upon rectification, they anticipate the system to no longer explode and behave properly in managing the sorted stuff. The next step discussed is to update these changes in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2/2023 )

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