Addressing Flutterflow Navigation Bar Issues and Updates

The State Changers had an insightful discussion about some unexpected issues with "FlutterFlow". Pavel was experiencing challenges in creating a nav bar that would consistently show up when logged into the system and would disappear when logging out. Daniel suggested that this might have been due to an update, as FlutterFlow had recently undergone significant changes from versions 3.7 to 3.10. Pavel had tried different setups with the nav bar in FlutterFlow but to no avail. After some inspection, a new property in the page set-up was noticed - "Always show nav bar on page", which was not set to true for Pavel's page. The State Changers supposed this could be a potential fix to the issue and suggested that Pavel should explore this new property. They acknowledged how quickly software can shift, hence why this property was not seen earlier. The meeting ended with a hopeful note, expecting to learn something new, whether the issue gets resolved or not.

(Source: Office Hours 7/18 )

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