Addressing FlutterFlow's Cache Management to Optimize API Calls

The meeting involved a discussion between State Changers concerning issues regarding FlutterFlow and repeated API calls in a deployed app. During the session, it was determined that the FlutterFlow declarative framework was understood to continuously rebuild and listen for new data, hence the heavy data loads.

An observation was made that instead of this being a bug, it's a feature that needs managing with caching to prevent the system from checking for new data continually. The option to do page-level or app-level caching was explored to control when the cache should be overridden. This cache control would be an essential implementation across the app. The participants also conferred on when data should be re-fetched, narrowing it down to page level thus allowing only a single query per page load. A strategy was proposed to deal with data becoming stale over time through the use of a timer to update a key variable at regular intervals, forcing the cache to refresh. The meeting also highlighted communication with Xano's team, especially Laughlin, in seeking a robust solution to the data loading issues. The State Changers acknowledged the need for a more refined and less wasteful approach in front-end to back-end communications, implementing smarter state handling. Furthermore, the participants suggested bringing into the conversation other team members like Nathan, Amir, and Ebenezer through a forum post to brainstorm more on the caching problem and potential solutions. This discussion reflects the ongoing effort to improve user experience and application efficiencies.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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