Addressing FlutterFlow's Component Rebuilding Issues and Impact on Applications

The State Changers discussed issues related to application performance both on the web and on iPhones. Particular thorough examination was given to data load issues in response to component lifecycle state changes. Regions leading to these issues were attributed to the core functionality of native apps continually re-establishing connections with data sources for memory management reasons. This leads to continuous rebuilding, especially in Java and Kotlin-based Android applications.

Key platforms mentioned include FlutterFlow and Xano, with caching on Xano and modifying the Page life cycle and data state management suggested as potential solutions to address these performance concerns. A suggestion was made to address this recurrent problem as a deep-dive session, inviting experts like Daniel Habibi, known for his detailed research on the matter. The web platform's absence of these rebuilding issues was noted, attributed to the distinction between the code running on the web and that running on a device. The disparity between web and device performance led to a recommendation that development should focus on the device side of application development earlier in the life cycle to find and address these problems sooner. The meeting concluded with a recognition that understanding and managing these rebuilding issues is a core challenge that users might encounter while using Flutterflow for any non-trivial work and that collaboration is needed to find lasting solutions. Daniel Habibi, who has researched this topic in-depth, was tagged in to contribute to this conversation.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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