Addressing Flutterflow's UID Loading Issue and Exploring Optimized Mobile Platform Approach

In this meeting, the State Changers are focused on troubleshooting and discussing issues related to FlutterFlow and Xano. One participant is having a problem with showing a User ID ("UID") that returns null when the page loads.

After exploring the setup on FlutterFlow and Xano, another participant pointed out that this issue relates to the way Flutter works. In the current setup, the page in FlutterFlow loads before the required API data is returned, causing the null value. One solution suggested was to use the "conditional visibility" feature to ensure the relevant page element only loads once the necessary data is available. Another suggestion was to bind the problematic API request to the UI element (column) rather than triggering it on page load. In terms of best practices, it was suggested that users should understand the underlying mechanisms of the tools (like Flutter and Xano) they use for building their app. This better understanding will allow them to use the tools more effectively and avoid potential issues. The conversation then shifts to the use of a WebView component to embed a payment processing web page inside the app. Recommendations included learning more about required capabilities through the WebView documentation and asking the community for insights, as it could be a deeper and more complex process. Finally, the discussion concludes with an open-ended question about choosing between web-first frameworks (like WebFlow) vs mobile-first frameworks (like FlutterFlow) for building an app, and the advantages and disadvantages of each route. This spurred further discussions outside the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/7 )

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