Addressing FlutterFlow Timing Issues and Enhancing App Animations

The meeting involved State Changers Daniel and Ray discussing a problem related to 'Flutterflow' and widget animations. Daniel attempts to establish a timed sequence of events that includes creating an event, recording values and triggering instructions based on periodic actions. The challenge lies in aligning the animations and timings correctly, especially with one animation that's repeating at regular intervals and another that happens in an 'irregular' sequence.

A key part of the problem is trying to harmonize animations that represent different stages of a 'square breathing meditation'. These comprise 'inhale', 'hold breath', 'exhale', and 'hold again', repeating every four seconds within a 14-second cycle. The issue is that the animation and instructions for these phases are not synchronizing properly. Ray provides a proposed solution, which includes separating the timing and the action of the animation to better control when they occur. There's a suggestion to bind the instruction text to a page variable and updating those variables to track what's happening at different points. Ray further advises simplifying the process by updating one text field rather than switching between three. The use of a 'pulse' animation to signal switches can also enhance visibility. On another note, they discuss the 'streaks' feature linked to a feeling follow-up check. An event is created after an activity (a lesson), which is then updated ('patched') with the user's emotional response. Ray confirms this as an effective approach. The issue of total streaks, though, is still pending and placed on their to-do list. Keywords mentioned: Flutterflow, Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 2/28 )

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