Addressing Front End and Back End Issues in Xano for Nonprofit Searches

This meeting covered the topic of troubleshooting a search function problem for a front-end application. The State Changers discuss a particular issue where a non-profit search operation doesn't fire properly when provided with a blank search. This problem was found using dev tools and later replicated on Xano.

The State Changer proposed a solution focused on the backend, using data manipulation and variables to amend the issue. This process included creating a variable called "search", adjusting query filters, and making modifications to the function stack. There was also a discussion of an associated issue: the unresponsiveness of an accordion-like drop down function on the website. This was identified as a JavaScript or timing problem related to resetting the click hooks after fetching data from Xano. Further topics included acquiring an access token for OAuth integration, and how to apply it, with a client's ID and secret also mentioned as key parts of the process. Keywords: Xano, JavaScript, backend, data manipulation, function stack, variables, OAuth, secrets, client ID, dev tools, front-end application, query filters.

(Source: Office Hours 1/5 )

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