Addressing Front-End Challenges in WeWeb: State Management and Application Navigation

The State Changers' meeting was focused on tackling front-end challenges and enhancing user experience within the WeWeb framework. Key issues discussed were managing state in a web application, feeding data from a fetched collection efficiently, and strategies to control URL updates. The session also highlighted problems with data refreshing and how it could potentially provide a different opportunity to users each time.

They found a workaround to ensure a user resumes work on the same opportunity they were previously working on before a page refresh. They made changes on the server-side (Xano) to return the same opportunity to the user when they're still working on one. This was achieved through adding a custom query that checks if the user is still working on a task by examining certain criteria, like if the opportunity is locked and incomplete. The State Changers also discussed challenges related to page loading and navigating workflows. There was an exploration of moving the page-intended logic to the server-side flow to optimize user interface and experience. The strategies discussed involved new ways to organize data fetching, which relied on the effective management of the endpoint logic related to fetching user tasks. In the end, they agreed on a test plan and laid out steps for further improvements, including configuring the workflow on a page load for optimum user experience.

(Source: Office Hours 1/4 )

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