Addressing Image Display Issues and Streamlining API Calls in Xano and Webflow Integration

The State Changers discussed about two problems happening while trying to utilize Wiz. One issue revolved around integrating a default image in WebFlow with Zano, and the other about how to implement a more efficient API call using Wiz and Zano, as compared to the process in Bubble. Different approaches like using background images and altering API calls were suggested. Other topics of discussion included the principle of using different tech tools for their paramount strengths, with Zano being praised for effective database and API endpoint management, while Wiz was recommended for successful implementation of repeating layout and data contextual interaction triggers. It was largely agreed upon to rely mostly on Zano for structural logic in applications while using Wiz for front-end tasks. However, the group also discussed how a balance should be achieved between front-end and back-end tasks, taking advantage of each tool's strengths optimally.

(Source: Office Hours 12/14 )

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