Addressing Image Upload Issues and Exploring Improvements for Favoriting System in Xano and Webflow

This meeting between the State Changers focused on exploring and troubleshooting a comprehensive coding setup. The core issue related to managing multiple uploads and tying them with the correct API, specifically while using JavaScript. In the process, the representatives concluded that the source of the inconvenience could be attributed to data coming from Xano's backend.

They recognized a potential latency problem when the form submission was directed to webhooks and web flow. To circumvent this, one State Changer proposed to use Xano to relay data to the webhook site. This solution aimed to enable simultaneous debugging and ensure no downtimes on Xano's end. Further in the session, the team added a click handler function in their JavaScript code to address the image deletion functionality of their setup. The handler would run the delete artwork function when the delete image button was clicked in the cloned gallery image component. One of the State Changers also brought up the concept of form handling through Webflow and how it could be cost-prohibitive in the long run. They considered a workaround where they could use their existing function to handle similar operations like adding and removing favorites, reducing the load on their Webflow account. Additionally, they expressed an interest in creating a tutorial or how-to guide to expound on their approach for other developers to understand and replicate. They highlighted this as an exercise in learning for everyone involved. Throughout the meeting, they used a variety of platforms: JavaScript, Xano, webhooks, and Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1 Extra - jQuery and Javascript event handling in Webflow )

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