Addressing Integration and Functionality Issues in Wizd and Webflow Editors

The State Changer meeting involved the participants discussing an issue concerning a Wizd editor incorporated with JavaScript in a Webflow project. The specific problem was related to HTML editing and saving functions that would work correctly within the Wizd editor but fail when the webpage was loaded in a browser.

During their debugging process, they observed that making a post request would work when either a Wizd-related JavaScript or Webflow-related JavaScript was operated individually. However, combining the two resulted in failure. They also found that the test request (fetching HTML) might not be operating correctly when the webpage loaded outside of Wizd's editor environment. Several solutions were proposed and tested. They first aimed to simplify the JavaScript functions by reducing redundancies and consolidating the initialization processes. They also experimented with commenting out specific pieces of JavaScript code to isolate potential conflict roots. Subsequently, they checked the network tab of the browser's development tools to observe any obvious issues with the loading scripts. The debuggers also ensured that the 'RedactorX' global scope could be found within the console tab of their development tools. Finally, the troubleshooters inspected the webpage's elements using development tools. They noticed discrepancies between the web app running in the Wizd editor and how it appeared in the browser, suggesting Wizd's influence on how the webpage rendered in each environment. Towards the conclusion, they prioritized understanding whether the issue was data quality-related or linked with timing. Key tools mentioned include Webflow, Wizd (app-building platform), JavaScript, and the Xano API. Future explorations were outlined to investigate potential problems with the downloaded data rendered in the webpage.

(Source: Office Hours 10/31/2023 )

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