Addressing JavaScript Function Errors and Resolving HTML Embed Issues

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed and resolved a JavaScript issue. This involved a problem with function slider one. They discovered it was being defined inside the Webflow dot push, subsequently causing it to be contextual only to that block of code and not being appended to the window.

A critical understanding from this meeting is that anything done at the global scope, i.e., not inside of Webflow dot push, but just top-level, is added to the window object because that's a global object for a browser. A possible solution was discussed: if they wanted to use the local version of slider one in the remaining code, they could get rid of the window dot part. Throughout the meeting, the State Changers highlighted the importance of event handling in JavaScript and the sequence of events, especially when loading a webpage and interacting with it. They elaborated on the process of getting data, waiting for it, allowing other activities on the page, and updating the page when the data returns. There was extensive reference to functions, script tags (particularly their order of interpretation), and JavaScript's non-blocking nature, making it possible for other processes to occur while waiting for data to come back. Furthermore, the discussion of how to merge multiple scripts into one was also a significant topic. Keywords that appeared in the discussion include "Javascript," "HTML," "State Change," "Webflow," "function," and "script tags."

(Source: Office Hours 1/20 )

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