Addressing Looping Issues in API Calls with Xano and Debugging Techniques

The State Changers had a detailed technical meeting discussing several issues regarding the implementation and functionality of APIs, JavaScript loops and debugging, primarily with Xano. They troubleshooted a problem where one of the collaborators was facing difficulties looping through his API call using Xano. The objective was to save every single item retrieved from the API call. During the discussion, Xano's speed and its issue with timing out was mentioned.

The optimal solution provided suggested debugging between lines in the API calls. It was guided to start with a simple solution and iterate over, checking the existing records in the database and then making the next step based on the results. If the record existed, then repeat the process, if not, add it to the database. A critical insight in this discussion was the importance of correctly specifying the context within which an API call operates. They resolved the issue when they placed debugging actions inside loops, allowing them to see the progress of individual items in the callback. While OpenAI and AI21 weren't discussed, several potential tools and languages were touched upon, such as JSON, Fireflow and API Requests. This meeting is valuable for those who are having similar difficulties with looping through API calls using tools like Xano and others. They might also find the debugging strategies useful.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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