Addressing Mailchimp API Issues and Discussing Page Limitation Solutions

Meeting Summary:

The State Changers meeting was a technical discussion involving system integration issues and web development. Areas discussed were centered around developing an API call function to interact with Mailchimp to send emails. The State Changers discussed establishing the endpoint URL, method, parameters, and headers for the Mailchimp API to configure email sending functionality. Adding URL arguments and structuring the body of the API call was discussed in detail. There was also mention of Mailchimp templates and how they could be used and adapted for their requirements. The team discussed a limitation encountered in Wiz, which affects websites with more than 200 pages, and explored possible solutions. One approach pondered was the use of reverse proxies, which led to NGINX's consideration. However, there is an acknowledgment that taking this route could lead to increased technical responsibility and complexity. An alternate tool, 't h e dot com,' was suggested as a static site generator capable of handling thousands of pages programmatically, which could potentially save costs and complexity Associated with reverse proxies. Overall, the meeting was centered around resolving complex technical issues, primarily working with APIs (like Mailchimp's) and discussing potential solutions to overcome limitations of some current tools they are using.

(Source: Office Hours 12/1 )

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