Addressing Main Dot Dart Issue and FlutterFlow Transition from Deep Linking to Firebase Dynamic Links

The State Changers met to discuss issues related to FlutterFlow and Firebase dynamic links. The main challenge involved debugging a problem with dynamic links not working correctly. When attempting to implement a reset password functionality, the dynamic link structure was frequently found to be broken or unparseable.

During the discussions and debugging exercises, the team established that links formed for the welcome and download functions were both functional on mobile devices but reported error messages when accessed via desktop computers. However, the newly created reset password dynamic link was redirecting to the Google Play page or App Download page, instead of directly opening the app. To troubleshoot the challenge, State Changers tried various configurations involving FlutterFlow and Firebase dynamic links, including editing the URL scheme in FlutterFlow to match the app name and adjusting dynamic link behaviors for Apple. Despite applying several changes, the exact cause of the problem remained unclear by the end of the meeting, necessitating further investigation. Keywords: FlutterFlow, Firebase dynamic links, Reset Password, URL scheme, App Name, Welcome, Download, Google Play, Error messages.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3/2023 )

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