Addressing NAICS Codes Extraction, Fuzzy Search Implementation, and Website Custom Code Removal

This meeting among the State Changers revolved around several key points:

1. The team discussed a data extraction method for NAICS codes, which would be used to facilitate a more efficient fuzzy search mechanism for business registration. The idea is to allow businesses to choose from existing NAICS codes, then cross-reference these to streamline user search. 2. The team also discussed the challenge of understanding task expectations related to their "Wiz" project. After clarifying, they established the need for website cleanup to debug and test visibility issues. They intended to delete all of the extra running code on the global header, body, and the home page of their website. 3. The team addressed the concern of data loss during the cleanup process, verifying the custom code backup capability, and encouraging data copy and pasting into private notes for extra security. The keywords 'code', 'debug', 'backup', 'website', and 'global function' were mentioned multiple times in the meeting. However, none of the other keywords such as "Xano", "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", "Zapier", "Make", "Integromat", "Outseta", "Retool", "Bubble", "Adalo", "AppGyver", "AppSheet", were mentioned in this specific conversation. In essence, the team was focused on improving their search functionality and debugging and testing their Wiz project after a website cleanup, ensuring they had proper backups before starting.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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