Addressing Null Values and Array Navigation in Xano and FlutterFlow

The meeting primarily involved a troubleshooting session on how to handle "null" values in child iterations from JSON data. The State Changers discussed in depth about using Xano, an application backend builder, to go about this problem. They wanted to figure out if a function could be extracted from the data, inspecting if it provided any "children".

When the first round of ideas proved less fruitful, they decided to shift the problem-solving on the Xano side. On Xano, the plan was to iterate through each children item, then save the parent if the number of children equaled zero. This prevented a potential problem of displaying a repeating group of comments. However, there was some confusion around this idea, as one participant built the children differently from the proposed solution. It was agreed to show "children" only when the "child count" is nonzero (greater than zero). One unique solution discussed was the use of a random integer and setting it zero min max, which was looked at as a workaround in Flutterflow. Unfortunately, even after inverting the logic (from equals to 'not equals'), they encountered some issues, with children still displaying erroneously. Before suspending the problem-solving for the next meeting, they verified that the endpoint was published. The meeting closed with plans for continuing the discussion the following week. Keywords used in the meeting include "Xano", "Flutterflow", "JSON", "children", and "null".

(Source: Office Hours 3/31 )

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