Addressing Paddle Webhook Configurations and PHP Serialization with Xano and Lambda State Change

This meeting centered around the State Changers' efforts to configure Paddle Webhook within the Xano platform. The primary challenge in this undertaking stemmed from Paddle and Xano's usage of PHP, rendering a situation where they were required to make Node act like PHP. To tackle this issue, the State Changers proposed the use of state change Lambda, which affords access to node packages.

The State Changers proposed obtaining the required data from Paddle through Xano and then transferring it to the state change lambda for validation. The complexities of this case lie within the PHP serialization process involved. Furthermore, they noted that this process is considerably more difficult compared to platforms like Stripe, given Paddle's less native approach to node. As a solution, the State Changers planned to put the contribution into the Lambda without the inclusion of the key, proposing that it be sent over as part of each payload request instead for simplicity and security reasons. The meeting concluded on the note of requesting an example of what Paddle had sent and a copy of the public key for further testing and analysis. The ultimate goal is to integrate these solutions into the existing stack to overcome the current issues and complete the job more efficiently. Key technologies mentioned: Paddle, Xano, state change Lambda, Node.js, PHP, Stripe, webhook.

(Source: Office Hours 6/26/23 )

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