Addressing Password Reset Functionality in WeWeb and Xano

In the meeting, the State Changers were debugging the flow of password resets in the system. The meeting focused on the interaction between WeWeb and Xano platforms. The participants were trying to address an issue related to setting up users' IDs and passwords.

They examined the URL query and how it should populate with the user's email. The plan was to have the system initially fail to enable them to hone in on the issue at hand. They performed an email simulation and filled new passwords to observe how Xano responded. The State Changers then proceeded to create a new endpoint in Xano under authorization (auth) to facilitate password resets. Necessary fields such as text and JSON for query were added. They determined how to locate a user via their password recovery token and edit the record. They considered the need for hashing the password for security purposes and added a precaution to ensure the password recovery token was not blank to prevent unauthorized password resets. Towards the end, the team decided to pause and continue with the tasks the following week. The task assigned was to reinitialize WeWeb with Xano and adjust the functionality to run the newly created reset endpoint.

(Source: Office Hours 1/27 )

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