Addressing PDF Conversion Errors and Constructing API for Client Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed several topics in detail, pertinent to the utilization of the "Xano" platform. The discussion went as follows:

1. Error Handling: An issue was addressed concerning errors encountered when attempting to add a PDF into the system and debug it. It was determined that the PDF was not properly encoded in JSON, which led to a base64 encoding approach for debugging. 2. Endpoint Creation and API: The State Changers then shifted to discussing creating various endpoints for handling particular functions – an early-stage discussion sparked by a client's request. With the client wanting to input data and draw some activity logs, the conversation turned to developing an API. The State Changers contemplated implementing bearer authentication and then creating a function to handle API key, thereby allowing the creation of new endpoints without impacting the existing structure. 3. Robust Authentication Method: Emphasis was given on setting up an authentication method. The suggestion was made to use an HTTP header cross-referenced with a table of valid keys to identify accounts. They also discussed the subject of preconditions, and possible restrictions to only valid key inputs. 4. Webhook: The latter part of the discussion was focused on the webhook, which could work the other way round. Setting up a table to store URLs for each account was considered, with the aim of replacing the variable into the URL in a function of calling an external API. 5. Logging and Error Notification: The State Changers talked about setting up logging and error notification mechanisms. In the case of any server errors such as "500", logging should inform about the frequency and the type of error. This logged information can then help inform the client about the errors occurring, increasing the overall efficiency and reliability of the system. The main keywords discussed in the meeting: Xano, HTTP header, JSON, endpoints, API, bearer authentication, base64, webhook, server errors, function stack, debugging, and logging.

(Source: Office Hours 2/1 )

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