Addressing Query Optimization and Array Manipulation on Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the issue of array manipulation using the tool "Xano". The participant was having trouble formulating a method to exclude certain user data based on specific criteria in the community database of his application, with the case scenario involving preventing user "Antonio" and user "Nancy" from joining a community due to them being blocked users.

Through detailed discussion and illustration, the meeting led to a solution that involved tools provided by Xano. The data exclusion was achieved through the usage of Xano's array intersect functionality, which allowed for comparing and identifying overlapping elements in different arrays. In this specific case, it facilitated the removal of banned users from the community list. The solution involved extracting the blocked users ID from a community record, comparing that with the ID of elements in the user field of the application's database, and then removing those elements that intersect. This array manipulation exercise was completed with tools and filters in Xano. The meeting further suggested the participant to study and understand array manipulation, its language, and potential capabilities to better comprehend the issue and learn to troubleshoot in future. It was concluded that having awareness of a technology’s capabilities and deep domain knowledge makes problem-solving in the context of 'no-code' solutions more effective. Keyword tools discussed: Xano

(Source: Office Hours 7/13/2023 )

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