Addressing ScriptTag Coding Issues and Debugging Click Handlers

In this technical meeting, the State Changers discussed the issue of setting click handlers in their project. The main topics were around the use of "script tags", the process of including files through the ScriptTag tool, the debugging of click handlers, and the use of console logs for diagnostic purposes. They faced challenges with getting the click handlers to work correctly and troubleshoot these issues by testing their code with console.log statements. The conversation revolved heavily around understanding how "FAQ toggle" and accordion elements interacted, and how the "click handlers" were affecting those elements. They also explored how the code is shared through multiple script tags and whether those could be affecting the issues they were facing. They planned to continue debugging and resolving these issues through follow-up discussions and code reviews. If you're working on similar issues or using similar coding methods, this meeting could provide some valuable insights.

(Source: Office Hours 4/4 )

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