Addressing Structural Challenges and Enhancing Efficiency in Fintech Applications

This meeting among the State Changers involves discussions about a problem related to time simulations in financial technology planning. State Changer Cam is having difficulty with the structure of a system he is developing. He has numerous loops within loops that are causing internal complexity in his system. His approach has been to keep calculations and mutations away from the database to avoid saving incorrect data. However, he questions if that is the right approach and if more data should be saved to the database.

State Changer Ray offers a perspective on the issue, indicating that the problem is one of fundamental timing in the system. He explains that the core idea in any simulation is to identify the most common denominator for the time range. In this case, the annual time unit, which Cam has been using, is not suitable as it has led to the addition of overly complex layers of timing in the system. Ray suggests aligning the system around the smallest necessary time unit, which could simplify the process and reduce the need for excessive loops and calculations. Contrary to storing more data, Ray believes that aligning the time structure properly could potentially reduce the necessity for persistent storage. The team ends the meeting by agreeing to continue working on these issues, with Cam planning to restructure his system around Ray's advice.

(Source: Office Hours 8/22/2023 )

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