Addressing Technical Challenges in Property Management Software Development

The State Changers held a meeting addressing the issues they encountered in their app, specifically a problem around form reset while maintaining state and updating fields. The app is developed using WeWeb and uses an API to fetch real estate data based on a queue. The issue in question appears when the user moves from one property to the next - some data gets updated while some fields persist from the previous record.

The solution proposed involves adding a step to the 'save' function to set values for each form field from the fetched API data explicitly. This requires an individual update for each form field and is considered a 'form reinitialization problem'. Another challenge raised was how to handle new properties that aren't already in their database. They discussed creating an API endpoint where users can input an address and postcode to fetch data for new properties. This feature could help users process real estate listings that they find but aren't already in the app's database. Plans on further integrating with Salesforce were also discussed. For now, the group plans to use Zapier to push data from their app to Salesforce. Down the line, however, there's an intention to create a direct API connection to Salesforce and eventually replace Salesforce with their app. The ultimate goal is to have a fully functioning app that can send notifications to project managers once property inspections are completed and continue to add features to streamline their real estate workflows. Keywords mentioned: WeWeb, API, Zapier, Salesforce.

(Source: Office hours 12/20 am )

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