Addressing Technical Challenges in Using WeWeb and Zano for User Interface Adjustments

The State Changers in this meeting discussed technical issues they were experiencing with their software, particularly with the integration between the tools Xano and WeWeb. Scott, one of the participants, reported issues with delayed workflows, payload size limitations, data not updating correctly and zeroes not being recognized properly. During the discussion, the team examined the functions of the software and identified potential source of issues, mainly focusing on Xano.

The team realized that Xano was treating any empty fields as zero, which was causing key parts of their software to not function appropriately. This led the team to consider creating separate endpoints for each section of the software, to prevent these issues from happening. One of the other pain points was the request-response time between Xano and WeWeb, which was tested during the meet. The performance issues were also acknowledged, but no definite solution seemed to have been identified for this problem. A workaround suggested was cloning the endpoint to create a smaller size, with the hope that WeWeb would handle it better. Towards the end, the issue of updating data fields of 'Market Adjustment Cost’ was brought up which wasn't being transmitted due to non-recognization of zero. The meeting ended with a plan for Scott to continue exploring the potential solutions that were suggested and update the team via Slack.

(Source: Office Hours 12/5 )

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