Addressing Technical Concerns with Zano and Webflow: Code Access and Application Integration

The State Changers meeting involved a deep-dive technical discussion revolving around an issue about data transfer from Webflow to Xano using JavaScript. The participant was seeking guidance on finding and using relevant code and storing authentication tokens for subsequent Client API calls and activities while struggling with navigating AJAX and its older syntax.

The key insights from the meeting include: - Xano is highlighted as the data source, but the meeting participant expressed difficulty in locating the relevant code resources from Xano's online content. It was advised to communicate these feedback directly to the Xano team. - AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), despite being an older construct, is still used for the low-level control of data transfer. - With regards to form submission and redirection, Webflow is usually responsible for all redirects, contrary to the participant's initial understanding. - Redirects are shown to occur on the front-end, through JavaScript, by setting the window location. - Local storage is recommended for storing authentication tokens since any page on the same domain can reference it. The functions setItem() for storing and getItem() for retrieving were mentioned. - Console.log() is suggested as a tool to better understand the data returned by the AJAX requests, by examining the object structure returned in the "res" variable. - The participant also discussed the use of form submission and how crucial it was in their workflow, mainly for onboarding users and reducing costs. The general solution suggested was to understand the flow from AJAX request to result by using console.log, then manipulate data with local storage functions. It was also remarked that skills built around these operations would be reusable in future projects.

(Source: Office Hours 2/14 )

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