Addressing Time Stamp Issues in WeWeb and Xano for Expiration Status Calculation

This State Changer meeting primarily discusses a problem with time stamps and dates relating to the "expired" or "expiring soon" status calculation. A system discrepancy between date vs. time stamp storage leads to confusion and incorrect reporting.

A solution involving the WeWeb and Xano tools is suggested, where a time picker input is set in WeWeb, and upon receiving a timestamp in Xano, it is converted into a specific date format (YYYY-MM-DD) ignoring any time-related details. This ensures a consistent data format for the system to understand and process correctly. Another solution mentioned is accepting a more complex initial data input process to simplify later calculations. It involves uploading an ISO 8601 representation of the date instead of the UTC version. In this case, the WeWeb tool could be used to upload a formatted version of data from an input, then Xano would consider this value as just a date, simplifying further calculations. All decisions within the solutions rely on understanding the context of the application, specifically if a precise time is necessary, or if a date suffices. This consideration also aids in dealing with issues tied to various time zones and could reduce the problem of over-precision of the data. Keywords mentioned include Xano and WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 10/27/2023 )

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