Addressing Timing Issues and Token Authentication in Wiz: A Step-by-Step Guide

From this meeting among State Changers, several insightful topics were discussed. The main points consisted of troubleshooting and solving a timing issue with the HTML loading in a "WIS" editor, dictated by JavaScript function. The issue was solved by changing a trigger from page loading to request finishes, which had improved accuracy and responsiveness.

Further, the meeting delved into sending metadata along with auto-saved data in a URL. By setting the method and using additional key-value parameters, they decided to send metadata such as the campaign ID and user tokens inside the auto-saved HTTP request body. They considered using various methods, including Xano tokens and time-limited tokens, to bypass certain system limitations. Special attention was drawn to the use of the "security functions" available for creating these tokens, with an emphasis on using UUIDs as a modern and smart solution for managing unique identifiers. The participants agreed on its reliability and efficiency compared to older methods. Other tech-related topics were touched on, including the use of HTML, JavaScript, and potential problems associated with multi-process operations. The State Changers also mentioned different tools that would be useful for their operations, including WIS and Xano. This meeting will be of interest to anyone looking for insights into building complex web solutions and willing to deep dive into leveraging tokens for securing data.

(Source: Office Hours 11/1/2023 )

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