Addressing UI Flickering Issues and Improving User Experience in Frontend Development

In this meeting between the State Changers, they discussed an issue with a development application which is causing flickering during user interaction with the application. The issue stemmed from the data model which, while simple, did not handle the user experience well. The problem was identified as a state synchronization issue.

Several terms were used and tools were referenced during this discussion including "Wiz", "Redis", "Xano", and more. The issue with the data model using Wiz was examined in depth. The timing of status codes and issues with data updates were analyzed as contributors to the flickering error. The proposed solution was to move towards optimistic updating, where the user interface is updated prior to getting a response from the backend. This would involve introducing intermediate variables to hold and update page data, and implementing local state changes, rather than complete refreshes, for minor updates. This approach reduces the burden on the backend and minimizes flickering. In the event of an error, full page refreshes can still be used as a fallback. The meeting concluded with an action plan to implement these changes and determine how to simulate failures in the development environment for testing purposes. To ensure the delivery of a smoother user experience, the team also discussed the appointment of User Experience (UX) engineers for optimized frontend development. The suggestion to record Loom videos for frontend questions was made, as these videos could be used as resources for others while also streamlining the problem-solving process. Overall, this meeting was highly technical and covered solutions to frontend issues, data synchronization, status codes, and more.

(Source: Office Hours 3/1 )

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