Addressing URL and Domain Issues in Wiz and Zano

In this meeting, the State Changers conducted an insightful discussion on how URL is misconstrued by systems like Wiz due to the lack of proper scheme (HTTP or HTTPS) which results in confusion between hostname and pathname. The focus of the debate was on URL segmentation, DNS, IP addresses, path separators, and URI specifications. The State Changers highlighted the importance of scraping fully qualified URLs to avoid misinterpretations by the systems.

They discussed the necessity to incorporate the scheme, primarily HTTPS nowadays, at the beginning of the URL to illustrate its hosting purpose. A missing scheme in the URL can lead to security warnings from modern browsers. Furthermore, each hostname needs to be registered, usually at a cost, to filter out fraudulent servers. They recommended, especially for systems like Wiz, the need to incorporate fully qualified URLs into them from systems like Xano. The group also suggested solutions for URLs lacking an HTTP protocol, such as introducing logic in Xano to test the URL with HTTPS and if an error is returned, to try with HTTP. Alongside, they discussed a function to clean the data by iterating over all the records to check if the URL begins with HTTP or not. If not, they proposed to add HTTPS:// at the beginning of the URL. The team also suggested making this function a part of the 'onboarding' process to ensure data correctness right at the entry point. The State Changers also had a brief discussion on the difficulties of following authentication tutorials in Wiz. They raised concerns about the complexities in Wiz's videos and the lack of a hands-on support system to troubleshoot errors. In conclusion, the State Changers spoke about the importance of good hosting in no-code tools and discussed other tools like WeWeb, Flutterflow, and Bubble as alternatives to Wiz, focusing on their features and reliability. However, the discussion ended on the note of checking and using fully qualified URLs to avoid system confusions and provide stronger security.

(Source: Office Hours 1/9 )

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