Addressing User Data Protection and Debugging Issues in Zano

The State Changers had a discussion on various topics with a main focus on using Zano endpoints for user authenticity and related security measures. The central concern was avoiding data access by non-company users by incorporating user authorization. A useful method pointed out was to implement a function that checks this condition at multiple endpoints and throws a precondition if the match isn't found, an approach that can optimize efficiency.

There was also a discussion about dealing with issues faced while loading two variables simultaneously. Issues pertaining to console.log not showing up were raised and deliberated, suggesting potential problems with the JavaScript code. A suggestion to explore these issues next time was made. Lastly, the use of the sources tab for breakpoint separation was mentioned, which would also be explored in a future meeting. The tools or platforms mentioned in the discussion include Zano and JavaScript. No other keywords from the given list were mentioned in the meeting.

(Source: Deep Dive - Browser Devtools 7/19/23 )

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