Addressing User Management and Community Block Features in Apps with Zano and Adalo

The meeting primarily consisted of State Changers resolving various technical queries about data manipulation and API integration.

Notable discussion points include: 1. Needing a list of blocked users in a community and how to extract this from their current setup. This was resolved by using the add-on feature to retrieve the blocked users' details. 2. They discussed the issues between using 'Adalo' and 'Zano' for collecting contextual user data from various communities. The main challenge was that 'Adalo' would only work with one community at a time, which posed a problem for their requirement. 3. A possible solution suggested was to use dot notation within 'Zano'. However, the point of concern was that 'Adalo' is not as flexible with handling nested queries or complex structures. 4. The members agreed they may need to transform their arrays into an object, using the ID key to manage the data better. The solutions proposed should provide clues to users dealing with similar issues related to Adalo, Zano, and API integration. However, there was a consensus in the meeting that these were complex problems and would require further exploration and manipulation for a complete resolution.

(Source: Office Hours 7/13/2023 )

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