Addressing Vue Integration, Debugging, and Efficiency Optimization in Web Development Projects

The primary focus of this meeting among the State Changers was discussing challenges surrounding the integration of Vue with Webflow. Specifically, the participants discussed an issue with one of the members' setup where his Vue app was not loading correctly for testing. It was discovered that the Vue app needed to be hosted somewhere for easy and quick editing, but finding out where the files in the code sandbox might be proved challenging.

Additionally, the member had several dependencies in his current setup which was causing delays in deploying changes. This was a significant concern because it was slowing down the overall workflow. Compiling Vue into a single JavaScript file and then rerouting the workflow code to this compiled version was suggested as a way to possibly mitigate these delays. In the end, no clear solution was offered during the meeting due to the complexity of the issues. However, potential resources were suggested, including reaching out to a forum member who had previously used code sandbox with Webflow, or trying out ScriptTag. A follow-up was planned for more targeted assistance after the member had clarified his questions and concerns on the forum.

(Source: Office Hours 9/8/2023 )

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