Addressing Webflow Navigation and CSS Challenges for Better Frontend Design

This meeting among the State Changers focused mainly on addressing issues that one participant was experiencing with CSS and front end design while working on a project using Webflow. The main area of confusion centered on a non-responsive navigation menu which failed to display correctly when the screen was scaled down to mobile dimensions (the hamburger menu issue). They also identified an inability to change a specific color (a data attribute color) associated with the menu on Webflow. Despite the group's collaborative efforts, they were unable to resolve the problem during the meeting. The participant was advised to research more on Webflow through provided resources, including a 2-hour instructional video on styling the navigation bar and dropdown components on Webflow. A subsequent session was planned to continue troubleshooting. The tail-end of the discussion touched briefly on the implementation of a task history feature, indicating future exploration into this topic.

(Source: Office Hours 11/9 )

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